This is a great question and I hope the following helps.


  • In general, coaching helps you expand into your potential, taking you from where you currently are to where you desire to be.
  • Coaching is oriented towards the future and invites you to make active changes in your life to become the woman you were meant to be.
  • During coaching, the past is only briefly touched upon. This is usually done to provide context for how to clear the obstacles and limiting beliefs that might be blocking your goals or desires.
  • Somatic Women’s Coaching, in particular, brings attention to your present moment experience, such as the emotions or body sensations that arise around achieving your goals, which helps you create success.


  • In general, therapy helps you heal the emotional wounds that need healing, as well as treating mental illness.
  • Therapy helps you process trauma or trauma-related emotions, and is often past-oriented.
  • Therapy enables you to live a normal, healthy life, and is often a wonderful place to start your journey.
  • Therapy is highly recommended if anxiety or depression symptoms are causing you significant distress.

To understand this better…

  • Let’s think about an athlete as a metaphor. If this athlete got injured, she would need a specific kind of attention to heal the trauma of the injury – that would be more like therapy. Medical care and physical therapy would help her return to her normal athletic functioning. If she tried to perform athletically without healing, it would hinder her long-term progress. Many of us have emotional injuries or trauma, this is why sometimes healing/therapy is recommended before coaching.
  • If that same athlete was not injured and she instead had a goal of unlocking even greater athletic performance – this would be more like traditional coaching. She would use the guidance of her athletic coach or personal trainer to move into her greatness.
  • Somatic Women’s Coaching is an in-between step. It acknowledges that the athlete has gotten injured, and has done as much as she can medically to heal the injury. She now needs to start training her greatness again. However, with the awareness that this part of her body did sustain an injury and will need extra strengthening or attention.
  • As you can see, both healing and optimization are vital at different times in our lives, it just depends where we are on our journey!

*** Please note that Coaching is not a substitute for Therapy and CANNOT replace therapy ***

The Balance

  • Some clients work with a therapist for trauma processing and with me for somatic integration.
  • Other clients find that my services build a unique bridge where psychotherapy has left off.
  • Whatever experiences you’ve had and whatever insights you’ve gained, they are extremely valuable and, if Somatic Skills Coaching is right for you, these will be integrated into the coaching work.

I hope this helps!