Emotional Sensitivity is a Superpower of BRILLIANCE, CREATIVITY & INTUITION

Can you sense the potential glittering inside of you? But instead of shining brightly, you feel stuck or depleted?

Like opening a pineapple with your bare hands, Emotional Sensitivity can poke you with feelings of sadness, anxiety, or frustration until you learn the skills you need to sparkle your unique gifts into the world.

Sensitivity means having an overactive stress response. And, without the right tools, this affects our energy, health, vibrancy, relationships, prosperity, and the impact we’re able to make.

Maybe you already know how FRUSTRATING this can be  – for both you and your loved ones?

  • Do you often get emotionally overwhelmed or give up on important tasks? Does this make it challenging to advance in your career, finish creative projects, or to stick to your health goals?

  • Do you routinely flake or cancel commitments, which creates conflict in your relationships?

  • Is it hard for you to let go, have fun, and enjoy yourself? Or do you often feel anxious, sad, or disconnected, even around other people? Are these things impacting your social connections and relationships?

  • Do you have challenging mood swings, especially around your moon cycle? Or do you get depleted or sick easily, especially after periods of stress or excitement? Is this impacting how much you enjoy life?

  • Do things that seem easy for those around you, instead feel challenging for you? Do you keep this constant comparison as a soundtrack of mean thoughts playing on repeat in your head, which prevents you from fully expanding your wings?

Then, my love, you might have the GIFT of High Emotional Sensitivity. And when you unlock your potential, you gain access to

  • OVERFLOWING INSPIRATION & JOY – You’re sensitive to your happy emotions too! As well as to the breathtaking beauty of our world.

  • BEAUTIFUL RELATIONSHIPS People adore your empathy and thoughtfulness, and they LOVE being loved by you!

  • VIBRANT HEALTH You’re able to respond to subtle shifts in your body to keep yourself radiant and on track.

  • CREATIVITY, PROSPERITY, & IMPACT Your gifts create deep healing and make magical contributions to our world!

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When sensitive, creative women shine our potentials onto the earth, we transform it. When we create the projects we were born to create, and show up in the places where decisions are being made and resources are spent, it changes the course of the world.

Unfortunately, for so many of us, our gifts are locked inside, unable to sparkle out and make an impact.

But I’ve learned, from both personal and professional experience that, if you’re sensitive, the first step to unlocking your gifts and potentials is training your HAPPINESS!

So, I deeply encourage you to find ways to get happier, because the world needs you and your joy.

Howard Thurman, a Civil Rights Leader & Spiritual Advisor to Martin Luther King Jr., said:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive”

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Somatic Psychology teaches us that our EMOTIONS produce BODY SENSATIONS, which we FEEL. Being especially responsive to these emotional messages is what I call EMOTIONAL SENSITIVITY.

In psychology, the concept of a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), was pioneered by Dr. Elaine Aron. Dr. Aron studies how receptive people are to their senses (sight, taste, touch, etc.) and how that impacts how they relate to the world. (You can find Dr. Aron’s HSP Test HERE).

My area of specialty is women with High Emotional Sensitivity, which is specifically about how receptive we are to the physical sensations of our own emotions, rather than outside stimulus. However, I work with many HSP clients as well.

If we don’t train our power, we end up with

  • Physical Illness & Depletion

  • Depression & Anxiety

  • Unhappy or Failed Relationships

  • Career Burnout

So, how can you harness the magic of your superpower instead of having it constantly get in the way?

The first step is learning to consistently create happiness, joy, peace, and tranquility in your life – which allows you to stay more centered, grounded, and resilient.

Sensitivity creates dysregulation in the nervous system, while happiness helps you stay centered and resilient. This allows you to use the gifts of your superpower instead of getting stuck in depletion, anxiety, and overwhelm!

And that, my love, is how your JOY helps the world.

I hope the permission to be happy supports you to make a change in your life. You have BRILLIANT gifts as a creative, sensitive woman and I’m standing by you, and am so excited about your success!

I look forward to connecting and watching your superpower grow! – Love, Anna

Please contact me at areidenbach.ma@gmail.com with additional questions 🙂