SOMATIC means having to do with the BODY

Somatic Techniques Include

  • Changing your body posture to feel more powerful or more relaxed
  • Noticing the sensations you’re feeling in your body (such as joy, tension, or tranquility)
  • Paying attention to which body sensations are linked to which emotions
  • Learning to listen to and interpret the language of your body, such as what she’s feeling, needing, or trying to communicate to you
  • Using physical support (pillows, laying down, deep breathing, exercise, etc.) to shift your emotional state
  • And much more!

Working Somatically is important because

  • Our old patterns of behavior, emotions, and reactions often become trapped in the physical body and prevent us from creating a vibrant life. Learning how to listen, interpret and communicate with our body helps us release old patterns and create new behaviors which support our goals!
  • Working with the body changes your patterns of behavior at a cellular level!
  • Paying attention to our sensations of joy and tranquility allows us to create more happiness in our life!

Power is the ability to choose the actions and behaviors which support our highest good! However…

  • Our nervous system is wired so that when we are in a stress response (such as fight, flee, freeze, faint) we do not have access to our thinking brain. (It’s not you, it’s science!)
  • The stress response starts in the body, so using Somatic Psychology to work with the body and learn to notice and respond to these messages, gives us the power to change our behaviors.
  • And, when we can change our stress response and our behaviors, we can change our LIVES

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