Hi, I’m Anna

I’m a Somatic Women’s Coach

Using the body as a guide, I help you increase your joy, creativity, prosperity, and magic, so that you can make a real difference in the world 🙂

I’m passionate about creating a world where women can sparkle. And, as a coach, I’ve supported many women, including myself, to develop our inner resources, so that we can connect to the amazing outer resources that are also available to us.

Women come to me lost in their careers, relationships, and personal struggles. And I can proudly say that they walk away feeling empowered, creative, and energized. Many clients also achieve significant raises and promotions because of this deeper connection to who they genuinely are.

My unique coaching style blends body wisdom — the Somatic — with psychology and women’s empowerment. A combination that allows you to consistently create joy, brilliance, and power in your life.

I learned about the body’s magical ability to transform our lives a decade ago while living in Spain. After struggling with profound depression for most of my life, the bustling city of Madrid led me to a Somatic Psychologist who helped me discover my magic.

After this transformative experience, in 2017, I earned a Master’s Degree in Somatic Psychology and Latino Mental Health from Antioch University. In 2019, I had the privilege of training in Feminine Power Transformational Coaching with Dr. Claire Zammit. In 2021, I began my training in Positive Intelligence Coaching with Shirzad Charmine. And, in 2022, I continued my training in Women-Centered Coaching.

I created my unique coaching style as a holistic approach that supports clients to consistently create confidence, happiness, power, and prosperity in their lives. So that, together, we can create a better world. 

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San Francisco

I’m 44 years old and I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, surrounded by amazing diversity in thoughts, cultures, and ways of being.

I also grew up with a beautiful combination of sensitivity and creativity, which was my superpower.

But, like many superheroes, I couldn’t unlock the magic of my gift. I often felt different and alone, and life felt unexplainably difficult.

What power inside of you is waiting to be harnessed?

I now understand my superpower is EMOTIONAL SENSITIVITY — a gift many artists and healers have. Find out more HERE

My superpower got extra challenging around age 7 when my dad began to identify as female. This experience taught me to be incredibly open and empathic. Yet, having a transgender parent (30 years ago!) was difficult. And, until I learned the emotional skills I needed to thrive, I felt anxious and depressed.

Are you ready to unlock your magic? I can help you release the limitations of anxiety, disconnection, or depletion, so you can create the vibrant life you dream of 🙂

When diverse groups of women are creating the projects we were born to create, and in the places where decisions are being made and resources are spent, we change the course of the world.

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In Madrid, Spain – Enjoying Being Happy

What’s your intuition telling you?

When I was 30, my intuition told me to enroll in college and do a year abroad in Spain. Even though I was terrified and had no idea what would happen, I followed through!

And that’s how destiny works.

Facing my fears paid off and this opened up an amazing opportunity to live and work abroad for almost 5 years. This leap into my destiny also taught me how to embody the powerful and joyful woman I’d always wanted to become.

Are you feeling stuck or lost? If so, you’re in the right place. And I know you can do this!

I stand for the brilliance & power of your unique potentials because

I believe your DNA sparkles with greatness!

Because, just like you, I’m a butterfly and a superhero!

We’re women who will shape a better world! And the first step is to unlock our own joy, brilliance, and power.

I love sparkles, fairy dust, positive mindsets, and unlocking the highest potentials of our world. I also believe in destiny and magic. And I know you’re not here by accident…

You’re here to become fully yourself and to shine your gifts into the world!

And we begin this process by empowering the relationship we have with our own bodies, and by standing for the empowerment of our global community of women!

So grab your unicorn — or whatever you gotta do — and let’s do this!!!


Personal & Professional Bio


  • After returning from Madrid, I earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology & Latino Mental Health, with a concentration in Somatic Psychology – from AUSB
  • I continued my education with a year-long Professional Certification Training in Feminine Power Transformational Coaching 
  • During my Master’s Degree, I logged over 650 hours of Bilingual Clinical Training & Supervision at CALM Santa Barbara – including DBT (Dialectal Behavioral Therapy) and Mindfulness
  • I enjoyed 10 years of experience as a manager and 5 years as a teacher, including a teaching certification from Active Language in Cadiz, Spain.
  • Most recently, I’ve embarked on a new training in Positive Intelligence and Mental Fitness. Find out more HERE

And, perhaps most importantly…

  • 44 years of experience learning how to overcome my own limitations and thrive as a Creative, Empathic, Sensitive woman with a JOYFUL life!

Who I am:

Los Angeles

Fun facts about me:

I was a dance teacher for a few years I taught Kizomba and loved it.

My first job, when I was 17, was conducting telephone surveys – which is why I’m so good at doing phone coaching.

I learned a foreign language fluently as an adult 🙂

I went to school barefoot until the 4th grade.

I dream of having an essay published in Modern Love in the New York Times.


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How my professional and personal experience supports you:

Somatic Psychology:

  • I can help you expand the states of peace and joy in your body so you can be happy!
  • Create effective boundaries and embrace your emotions – which is where intuition lives!
  • Build the inner strength, presence, and resiliency needed to create a vibrant life!

Positive Intelligence:

  • I can help you respond to life’s challenges with more joy!
  • Create gorgeous relationships, increase happiness, and improve performance!
  • Quiet those nasty mean-girl voices in your head!

Feminine Power Transformational Coaching:

  • Revolutionary techniques designed specifically to empower you as a woman!
  • Breakthrough the “inner glass ceiling” of your limiting beliefs so you can step into your destiny!
  • Show up in the world in ways that allow you to become the woman you were meant to be!

Clinical Training & Supervision:

  • Techniques to hold space for the emotions which get uncovered during coaching. Because, as most of us have experienced challenges in our lives, it’s vital to understand how to navigate this territory!
  • The ability to effectively assess if therapy would be beneficial for your journey.
  • Mindfulness and Emotional Regulation techniques to help you stay in your power and presence!

Managing and Teaching:

  • I absolutely love to watch women come into their power! This helps empower and motivate your goals!
  • I’m able to structure your goals and learning outcomes, as well as to measure your progress
  • I have the combination of patience, focus, and playfulness needed for your growth!

Traits and Life Challenges:

  • I understand how the traits of creativity, sensitivity, and empathy can turn into anxiety and depression when mixed with childhood challenges because I’ve lived it!
  • Because of this, I offer the combination of gentleness and power you need to become the woman you’re meant to be!
  • I watched my inner own light heal into brilliance, and I can see the potential you have inside waiting to burst forth! And I would absolutely love to help you find the path to your dreams!

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If you have any questions, please contact me at

areidenbach.ma@gmail.com 🙂

I’m looking forward to connecting more and watching your power grow! – Love, Anna