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Hi I'm Anna

And I believe the world needs your sparkles :)

I’m passionate about helping you shine brightly and confidently, so that you can use your unique gifts to enjoy your life, make more money, and change the world.

To support your journey, I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical and Somatic Psychology, over 3 years of coaching training, and over 1000 hours of experience.

In my 44 years on this earth, I've also had the unique perspective of growing up with a transgender parent, overcoming clinical depression, and achieving my dream of living in Europe for 5 years.

Whether you’re a coach or leader, or just beginning your personal development adventure, I'm excited to help you create your most magical dreams – Love, Anna

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What My Awesome Clients Say

  • Working with Anna helped me discover my zone of genius and create one of the biggest, 5-figure launches of my career! At the same time, her gentle, loving coaching supported me to create so much more ease, lightness, and flow in the relationship I have with myself, as well as with my husband and newborn son. I recommend Anna for anyone wanting to discover their gifts, create more prosperity, and nurture a genuinely caring relationship with themselves and their career.

    Laura Pynson Love & Intimacy Coach, France
  • Anna’s incredible presence, sensitivity, intuition, and skill made a huge difference in my life. Our coaching helped me feel more calmer and more confident, which allowed me to navigate a big life transition and step further into my purpose. As a medical doctor and psychiatrist, and as someone who has been through psychotherapy in the past, I can honestly say that I have never felt so accepted and well held. I highly recommend Anna’s work.

    Lucy Power Medical Doctor, England
  • This process with Anna vastly improved my life. I was feeling unhappy and out of my body, which would often lead me to give up on myself. Anna brought me so many tools, and the relationship I have with my body is now the most positive and loving I’ve ever experienced.

    Christiana Dommeyer Intuitive Hairstylist, California
  • “Anna is brilliant. So much possibility opened up in my coaching with her, I am simply blown away! I was able to not only see my gifts, but also to see the blocks that had been restricting my own growth and self-expression, which I had been so craving.”

    Jen Chase Mom & Children's Book Author, Colorado
  • Anna helped me feel energetic, secure, and self-confident in an area in my life where I was feeling challenged, which allowed me to take a big leap into my speaking career. I’m a coach myself, and Anna’s exercises are great. I loved the somatic work, and also how we had a deeper look at my pattern and nailed it. Through our work together, I’m now able to be in my spark and in my own power, and I feel much more like the superhero that I am!

    Janina Pernsot Life-Coach, Germany
  • "Anna’s genuinely compassionate attention in her sessions is a gem. I came away feeling connected to my soul and shining with joy, which is priceless!”

    Raquel Muñoz Psychotherapist, California

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