Somatic Skills Coaching combines Somatic Psychology and Feminine Power Transformational Coaching so you can embody the woman you were meant to be!

Somatic Skills Coaching changes our nervous system and our belief system at a cellular level, so that we get REAL TRANSFORMATION in our lives!

Power is the ability to choose the actions and behaviors which support us, our highest good and our goals! However, our nervous system is wired so that when we are in a stress response (such as fight or flight) we scientifically do not have access to our thinking brain!

So we’re often unable to use all the insight that we’ve gained in our lives from personal development, just when we need it most! It’s not you, it’s science! But it’s very frustrating when we keep repeating the same unhelpful behaviors over and over.

The body is where our stress response starts, so being able to notice this and respond to the messages from our body, gives us the power to change our behaviors! That’s how Somatic Psychology helps us 🙂

Somatic Skills Coaching also utilizes Feminine Power Transformational Coaching, which enables us to change our subconscious beliefs! This means we can break through our “inner glass ceilings” and begin to show up in the world as the woman we deeply desire to be!

Together, this helps you align your subconscious with your conscious intention and to come home to your own body so that you can feel powerful, use your intuition, and know what you want in life! And Somatic Skills are especially useful if traditional therapy hasn’t gotten us 100% to where we want to be.


Here’s the story of how I created this unique system…

I began my professional coaching journey training to be a psychotherapist! I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology & Latino Mental Health in 2017. But, after completing over 650 clinical hours working with complex trauma, I realized this career wasn’t right for me. However traditional coaching didn’t seem to encompass the gentleness, compassion or stand for diversity which define me.

So I created a new path.

Where I have the privilege of helping women who want to deeply impact the world harness their uniqueness to create the relationships, careers, prosperity and creativity they deeply yearn for!

Generally, my clients have left behind childhood challenges yet, even decades later with all the amazing insights they’ve received from therapy or other personal development, have been unable to feel fully present or powerful in their lives. Which gets in the way of relationships, jobs, joy, prosperity meaning, health, etc.

This was my journey too and it can feel like being in trapped in a box that’s too small or like being stuck in a chrysalis, unable to emerge as the beautiful, colorful, radiant butterfly we’re ready to embody!

This can hurt deeply, and not just emotionally! In fact, you might actually notice pain or contraction in the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and chest as well.


If this is you, it might feel a little like you’re between stories, having begun to let go of your old identity (perhaps linked to challenges in childhood) but unable to fully inhabit your new selfYET! You might even be searching for who exactly that new you really is.

This can feel pretty awful, you might feel stuck, restless, anxious, or even depressed.

Something else I often see in clients is a longing to bring out your creative potentials – in a business, project, or new role at work – in a way that creates joy, energy, meaning and prosperity for you, and also a positive impact in the world!

These stuck potentials can also feel pretty awful, and again you might feel depleted, frustrated, anxious, or depressed.

My mentor from grad school told me something which helped me immensely when I was experiencing these patterns. I was having symptoms very similar to clinical depression and was scared. She suggested that perhaps I was simply on the wrong path because, she told me, in ancient India there was actually a name for this experience. This sense of the soul wanting more than the life we’re offering her, is called a

Creative Illness.

This awakened me to an ancient wisdom which knew my suffering, and it gave me back my power. As kind, compassionate women living in a Western World, we often long to create a society that serves all of humanity and yet the message we receive is that we’re crazy and we should distract or medicate away these longings. But what if this deep and restless desire you have could actually transform the world?

My mentor’s words of wisdom prompted me to study Somatic Psychology, which then led me to Transformational Coaching.

The Feminine Power Transformational Coaching model I utilize will support you as you break through your inner glass ceilings and uncage your potentials so you can light up the world! We’ll explore 8 different areas of your life and find the one with the most energy, because working here can actually catalyze all the other areas of your life. We’ll also practice aligning with power in new and exciting ways, with exercises specifically designed to address the challenges female clients face. Then we’ll begin creating what you desire using a feminine, rather than a masculine, system of power, meaning through the intuition of the body, instead of through the mind. This work is based on Ph.D. research by my coaching mentor and it really works!

However, some of us with childhood challenges or traumas need a little extra support, which is why the somatic aspect of my work is so important.

Somatic, which comes from the Greek root, Soma, of the body, points to the role of the physical self in all aspects of creating the life we desire. For example, have you ever wanted to reach a seemingly straightforward goal, yet find yourself unable to? You probably know the benefits of losing weight or not yelling at a partner or child, and probably even know how to achieve success intellectually. Yet, perhaps something stops you? As if your emotional body momentarily overrides your sense of reason? That’s your subconscious, and if you’ve been holding onto this pattern since childhood, Somatic Skills work can make a big impact.

Power lies in the ability to choose our actions, and noticing the body is what gives us that choice.

First, we begin by clarifying your deeper vision and creating a goal. In the examples above, this could be wanting a loving, supportive relationship or feeling comfortable in your own skin.

And YES those are impact-worthy goals. I coach women who want to transform the world and I know personally that this takes time and energy. To be effective change-agents, we need our inner and outer resources to be on point! Sometimes this means creating a loving partnership or an energetic body, or perhaps it’s being able to step into our unique gifts. Whatever it is for you, we always start with the goal that has the most energy in this particular moment, because that’s what will catalyze both your life and your ability to make an impact in the world.

After choosing your goal, we use Somatic Skills to bring attention to your own present-moment experience, teaching you to listen to and interpret the messages from your body, such as tension in the shoulders or warmth and openness in the chest. We then use these cues to release the subconscious patterns holding you back in life so you can move easily and fluidly towards your conscious intention. The end result is a way of being in the world where you feel joyful, peaceful, free, and deeply fulfilled.

My past clients have reported increased confidence, productivity, and power. Successful client goals include creating healthier interpersonal relationships, building a loving relationship with yourself and your body, creating an awesome and supportive community, uncaging your creativity, and finding clarity and purpose in your life or work.

I hope this helped and if you have any further questions, please reach out at – Love, Anna