Spark Coaching creates a safe and supportive container for you to move easily and fluidly towards your dreams.

You’ll enjoy three 60-minute coaching calls, as well as between-session exercises to keep you motivated. And I read everything! So I have a deep understanding of what’s going on for you and how to move past your blocks.

This package will allow you to:

  • EMPOWER YOURSELF to Become the Creator Of Your Own Destiny!

  • EXPLORE your Deepest Desires & Potentials!

  • DISCOVER Which Area of Your Life Holds the Key To Your Greatness!

  • ALIGN YOUR BODY & MIND to Create Ease & Momentum with Goals!

  • CHOOSE INSPIRED ACTIONS to Begin Creating Your Dreams!

In this series, you’ll be choosing the artist’s pallet for your dreams!

We often skip this step and end up wasting large amounts of time, energy & money caught between what our mind thinks we need and what we deeply desire. When, in reality, it’s our desires that unlock our destiny.

Another way to think about this is like a fight between your conscious mind and your subconscious desires and you might recognize this energetic tug-of-war when you feel paralyzed or frustrated, or sometimes when you experience anxiety, depression or physical depletion.

Because Spark Coaching creates deep alignment between your conscious mind & unconscious desires, many women notice an immediate sense of peace & joy from releasing this energetic block!

With a Spark Series you’ll walk away with:


between your conscious mind & unconscious desires!


about what will have the biggest catalyzing effect on your life!


about where to focus your energy!


so you can begin working with your desires right away!

Tuition $395

I believe that when women gain clarity around our potentials, we will light up the world! And I hope you’ll join me in whatever way is right for YOU.

Love, Anna