Ready to become

the woman

you were meant to be?

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  • Are you ready to feel joyful, happy, and powerful?

  • Do you desire to create beautiful relationships or vibrant health this year?

  • Would you love to impact the world with your gifts and creativity?

I help you create a life you LOVE through a unique combination of

  • SOMATIC PSYCHOLOGYwhich works with the body to rewire your subconscious patterns of emotions and behavior!

  • POSITIVE INTELLIGENCE COACHINGwhich helps you face life’s greatest challenges with stellar mental fitness, so you can improve your relationships, happiness, and performance!

  • FEMININE POWER TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHINGwhich helps you break through your inner glass ceiling, connect to your spirit and become the woman you were meant to be!


you’ll cultivate the ability to

  • Consistently create happiness & tranquility in your life!
  • Have the confidence to go for what you want!
  • Create behaviors that align with your desires & goals!
  • Build a loving relationship with your body & intuition!
  • Change your mindset, so you feel powerful & resilient!
  • Have more energy, radiance & vibrancy
  • Have less anxiety, restlessness, disconnection, or depletion

Which opens up

  • The ability to use your GIFTS, STRENGTHS & CREATIVITY!
  • Greater IMPACT in the world!
  • Genuine CONFIDENCE!


Power is the ability to choose the actions and behaviors which support our highest good! However…

  • Our nervous system is wired so that when we are in a stress response (such as fight or flight) we do not have access to our thinking brain! (It’s not you, it’s science!)
  • The stress response starts in the body, so using Somatic Psychology to work with the body and learn to notice and respond to these messages, gives us the power to change our behaviors! 
  • The subconscious stories you’re holding onto also block your power and cause you to show up in the world in a disempowered way.
  • Feminine Power Transformational Coaching helps you break through these “inner glass ceilings” and begin to show up in the world as the woman you deeply desire to be!

Sessions are between 90-minutes to 2-hours & Somatically Based

  • Somatic means that we work with the body – such as paying attention to your sensations or using body posture to change your emotional state. Find out more about this HERE.
  • The longer session time allows you to be in a deeply relaxed state where you can access your subconscious. 

This allows you to transform your nervous system and patterns of behavior at a cellular level 🙂


  • Are you a sensitive, creative woman who wants a better world?
  • Have you experienced challenges in childhood or adolescence?
  • Do you struggle with feeling stuck, anxious, disconnected, or depleted?
  • Have you tried therapy or other personal development and still feel unhappy with your life?

Then YES this was created just for you!

  • When you get emotionally or mentally overwhelmed do you find yourself unable to use your knowledge or insights or perhaps engage in ways that sabotage your goals?
  • Does it feel challenging to harness the magic you feel inside you?
  • Do you often have a hard time knowing what you want or making decisions?
  • Do you constantly put others first, even when it hurts you or your goals

I stand for the brilliance & power of your unique potentials because

I believe your DNA sparkles with greatness!

We’re women who won’t settle for the world that is! And, to shape the world that could be, we have to first uncover our own personal power, brilliance, and joy!

You’re not here by accident. You’re here to become fully yourself and to shine your gifts into the world! I believe in destiny and magic! And I believe that this is the next

Leap into your Destiny!

If all this is sounding like just what you need in your life…

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I’m looking forward to connecting more and watching your power grow! – Love, Anna

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