An 8-Week Coaching Adventure to help you spark more ease, joy, and abundance in your life 😊

Mondays at 4:30 PT / 7:30 ET

Beginning August 22, 2022!

Learn Magical Techniques to…

Ignite your Creativity!

Boost your Wellbeing!

Connect to your Aliveness!

Deepen your Relationships!

Improve your Performance!

So that you can become more authentically YOU, sparkle your unique gifts out onto this earth, and change the world

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On a personal level – human to human – this program has changed my life in such fun and empowering ways. I feel happier and more positive, and the most exciting thing is the mean-girl voice in my head is so quiet now!

I’ve been working with anxiety since childhood, and truly, this is the only thing I’ve found that has been able to quiet those icky voices in my head that used to make my life miserable. It has up-leveled my relationships, my mood, my performance, and the way I respond to life’s challenges, and I hope it can transform your life too! 😊

What you’ll receive:

  • The Positive Intelligence app-based and Stanford University-tested program (find out more HERE) Value $995

  • 8 magical, Small-Group Coaching Sessions with an amazing tribe of women (5 in a group max). Value $1200

  • 4 25-Minute Private Coaching Sessions + individual support on your goals and progress. Value $425

  • Groups and coaching include a feminine, mystical, lunar energy to balance the masculine energy of the program Total Value $2620

Investment $995

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Sliding-Scale/Pay-What-You-Can options are also available (my mission is to help create a better world, and I’d love this to be accessible to anyone who would benefit!). I’ll do my best to work with whatever is right for YOU at this time 😊

“Doing the Positive Intelligence coaching program with Anna changed my life! I am happier, have better ideas, am much more productive, and can more clearly see the gifts that I have. Training my brain has helped quiet all the things that get in the way of creating the life I want, and I loved connecting with the other like-minded women in the group that are also attracted to Anna’s magical work. It now feels much more effortless to work toward my goals and to take better care of myself, and all of my relationships are improving, including with myself. I highly recommend this work.” – Tera Folsom

“Anna is the fairy godmother of coaches. She has brought immense sparkling magic, wisdom and guidance into my life and, in effect, the lives of all those around me. Anna created the container I needed to remember my true essence, value and power so that I could live joyfully in this world, as my true self. Working with Anna will unlock the secret door in your heart that you thought you’d never find the key to.” – Kyle Sweeney

Do you feel your potential glittering inside of you? Yet, instead of reaching your dreams, you often feel stuck, anxious, or frustrated?

These skills will help you reclaim your joy and awaken to the brilliance of who you really are. Because, when we reach for the stars, we create a brighter world!

For More Information:

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More Information:

This is an app-based program that helps us strengthen our sage brain, boost self-command, and weaken the mean voices in our heads (our saboteurs). And, because we’re encouraged to get support on a more consistent basis through the app, the program helps us transform our patterns very quickly!

More info about what Positive Intelligence/Mental Fitness is can be found here: – And you can take a quick assessment to see which saboteurs might be getting in your way and creating the most challenges in your life.

Please note that Coach Shirzad is marketing to engineers, executives, business people, and CEOs, so many of my clients (and me too at first!) do not fully resonate with the language. But I promise that no matter who we are, it is a really phenomenal tool and I can tell you more about it in our chat together.

In our groups, we balance this sacred masculine energy along with some more gentle compassion and gifts from our sacred feminine.

I hope you’ll join me on the adventure! — Love, Anna

*Please note that Sliding-Scale/Pay-What-You-Can options are available… because man it’s a hard time in the world right now!! Book your free chat HERE to learn more and we’ll work with whatever is right for YOU at this time😊