The workshop theme is Transforming Anxiety to Joy😊

New Date Coming Soon!

Do you feel your potential glittering inside of you? Yet, instead of reaching your dreams, you often feel stuck, anxious, frustrated, or depleted and don’t know why?

This workshop will teach you Somatic Psychology skills to help you reclaim your joy and awaken to the brilliance of who you really are. Because, when we reach for the stars, we create a brighter world.

Why is this workshop important?

Resilience is an important skill that allows us to respond to our challenges and keep showing up in a powerful way for ourselves, our families, and our global community. And guess what builds resilience? JOY!

This workshop will support you with tools to help you feel grounded and connect with your inner joy as well as your deeper dreams. So that you can show up as the superhero that you are and create a life you LOVE. And, together, we can transform our world into one that works for all of us 🙂

When is the workshop?

New Date Coming Soon 🙂

Where is the workshop?

This is a FREE Virtual Workshop on Zoom. 

What is this workshop about?

Using the body as a guide, this workshop will support you with techniques to help you cultivate resilience and joy. And you’ll walk away with tools to help you feel happier, more grounded, and more powerful, so that you can use your life energy to create your dreams, and also to make a real difference.

Workshop Flow:

  • Intro, shared agreements, and intention setting

  • Embodied Mindfulness – turn off your camera, take some time for YOU,  and treat yourself to some fun exercises

  • Skill overview and how this helps you create your dreams

  • Closing and appreciations

Who is this workshop for?

If you can feel your potential glittering inside of you but, instead of shining brightly, these challenging times have you feeling stuck, anxious, or depleted, this is for you!

This free workshop is for anyone identifying as female, and is a safe space for all of our unique perspectives and journeys, and one where we believe that diversity is our greatest strength. 

Who is facilitating this workshop?

Hi, I’m Anna. And as a Somatic Women’s Coach, I’m passionate about helping you find your joy, sparkle your gifts, and change the world.

My coaching style blends graduate-level somatic psychology with Feminine Power Transformational Coaching to help you discover your purpose and make an impact.

My specialty is working with Emotional Sensitivity. You might recognize this as having strong mood swings around your moon cycle, getting overwhelmed easily and not following through on important tasks, canceling commitments, getting your feelings hurt easily, having a hard time letting go and really having fun, feeling stuck or anxious, or not being able to move forward in your life. If this sounds familiar, this workshop will be extra awesome for you. You can find out more about Emotional Sensitivity HERE.

I believe that when diverse groups of women are creating the projects we were born to create, are in the places where decisions are being made, and have access to JOY and prosperity, we transform the world.

And let’s be real, most of us have either been working really hard, incredibly stressed, stuck inside, or all of those! If you feel like you’ve lost touch with your power with all that’s occurring, it’s time to reignite your hope so that, together, we can transform and uplift our world.

How should I prepare?

  • The workshop is 1.5 hours and it’s a great idea to have a journal, comfy clothes, and your favorite way to hydrate.

  • If you’re sharing a space with other people (as many of us are during COVID-19!) I encourage you to use a headset to keep the intimacy of the group 🙂 We will not be recording this workshop in order to create a safe space to share and ask questions.

  • And, if there’s time, you’ll be invited into smaller virtual breakout rooms to practice the tools you’re learning, and I encourage you to come prepared to engage with other women. But if that doesn’t sound fun to you, you have full permission to skip that part!

Thank you for your consideration and I’m excited to see you there! – Love, Anna

When women shine our potentials onto the earth, we transform it. This is the decade we change the world. So grab your unicorn or whatever you gotta do and let’s go!

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