facilitated by Anna Reidenbach, MA

Learn how to cultivate your unique essence and awaken the brilliance of your gifts so that, together, we can change the world!

Your essence is your life-energy, your divine feminine, your vibe. It’s who you are. And when you cultivate this power you create more energy and joy in your life 🙂 Yes, even in these WTF times.

When is the workshop?

Saturday, August 22nd, 2020 at 11 am – 12:30 pm PDT

Where is the workshop?

This is a Virtual Workshop on Zoom. You can Register HERE

What is this workshop about?

This 1.5-hour workshop will focus on discovering your Essence, which is your unique presence, as well as the magic you bring to everything you do.

You’ll walk away with a greater understanding of your unique traits, essence qualities, and superpowers.

And let’s be real, most of us have either been working really hard or stuck inside, or both! And we might have lost our touch with our essence with all that’s occurring in the world. If so, it’s time to have some fun and enjoy your magic!

So, if you can feel your potential glittering inside of you but, instead of shining brightly, these challenging times have you feeling stuck, anxious, or depleted, please join me.

How does this workshop benefit you?

  • Discovering your Essence awakens your happiness, creativity, brilliance, and power

  • Bringing your essence into relationships supports you to feel more connected and authentically yourself

  • Projects and social action sourced from our power and passion are much more sustainable and lead to long-term impact

  • Harnessing your essence in the workplace allows you to feel more joyful and energetic about your work, as well as create more prosperity and value

  • And maybe best of all, using your essence more helps you enjoy your life more

Who is facilitating this workshop?

Somatic Women’s Coach Anna Reidenbach, MA, who is passionate about helping you find your joy, sparkle your gifts, and change the world.

Anna’s coaching style blends graduate-level somatic psychology with Feminine Power Transformational Coaching to help you discover your purpose and make an impact.

Anna’s specialty is working with Emotional Sensitivity. You might recognize this as having strong mood swings around your moon cycle, getting overwhelmed easily and not following through on important tasks, canceling commitments, getting your feelings hurt easily, having a hard time letting go and really having fun, feeling stuck or anxious, or not being able to move forward in your life. If this sounds familiar, this workshop will be extra awesome for you. You can find out more about emotional sensitivity HERE

When women shine our potentials onto the earth, we transform it. This is the decade we change the world. So grab your unicorn or whatever you gotta do and let’s go!

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