FREE 75-Minute Women’s Workshop

Learn a simple 3-step process to claim your unique power, magic, and brilliance

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This will support you to make decisions more easily, increase your joy, and have the energy you need to reach higher!

What’s the workshop all about?

  • Learn a simple process to activate your unique power and brilliance

  • This an experiential workshop, meaning that you’ll be invited to enjoy some time in your body and with journaling exercises so you can walk away having experienced a sense of genuine empowerment

  • We’ll be accessing the power of the body and the nervous system (the somatic) in fun and magical ways, which will support you to make decisions more easily, increase your joy, and have the energy you need to reach higher!

  • This is a live, virtual workshop with a small, intimate group of women (so that it feels safe, warm, and sparkly)

  • The workshop is not recorded, so you can really have time and space for YOU and your uniqueness

The intention is to create a community space for women to rise into our joy, power, and prosperity at this important time.

I hope you’ll join me in discovering your inner sparkle so that, together, we can create a brighter world.

Who is this workshop for?

  • If you can feel your potential glittering inside of you but, instead of shining brightly, these challenging times have you feeling stuck, anxious, or depleted, this is for you!

  • This workshop is for anyone identifying as female, and is a safe space for all of our unique perspectives and journeys, and one where we believe that diversity is our greatest strength.

How to Prepare?

  • The workshop is 75-minutes. It’s a great idea to have a journal, comfy clothes, and your favorite way to hydrate.

  • We’ll begin by creating a safe container with some shared agreements. We’ll do this with our cameras on (it’s nice to say hi to the magical goddesses on this life adventure with you!).

  • Then you can turn your camera off and be in your own experience as we do some relaxation and visioning exercises.

  • We’ll come back together on-camera for insights and integration. Or, depending on time, we’ll do some breakout rooms to create more space and power for deeper shares.

  • If you’re sharing a space with other people, I encourage you to use a headset to keep the intimacy of the group. Coming into the zoom room a few minutes early allows us to honor our start time 😊

  • The tools we’ll be playing with come from somatic psychology (the psychology of the body), transformational coaching (how we transform the old patterns keeping us stuck), positive psychology (how we use our strengths and gifts), and creative writing.

How to Register?

New date and info coming soon.

Who is facilitating this workshop?

Hi, I’m Anna. As a Transformational Women’s Coach, I’m passionate about helping you sparkle your gifts onto the earth so you can make more money, enjoy your life, and change the world.

My coaching style blends graduate-level somatic psychology with Women-Centered Coaching to help you discover your purpose and make an impact.

My specialty is working with Emotional Sensitivity. You might recognize this as having strong mood swings around your moon cycle, getting overwhelmed easily and not following through on important tasks, canceling commitments, getting your feelings hurt easily, having a hard time letting go and really having fun, feeling stuck or anxious, or not being able to move forward in your life. If this sounds familiar, this workshop will be extra awesome for you. You can find out more about Emotional Sensitivity HERE.

I believe that when diverse groups of women are creating the projects we were born to create, are in the places where decisions are being made, and have access to JOY and prosperity, we transform the world.

And let’s be real, most of us have either been working really hard, incredibly stressed, stuck inside, or all of those! If you feel like you’ve lost touch with your power with all that’s occurring, it’s time to reignite your hope so that, together, we can transform and uplift our world.

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With love and magic, Anna